The Great Gummi Bear Exposé

You’ve heard about star signs, the MBTI 16 Personality Test, and possibly even the Adobe Creative Types. Now, Candy Corner presents you with a new personality list: our very own Gummi Bear Flavors from Albanese Candy, the World’s Best Gummies! So the big question is,
— Which Gummi Bear Flavor Are You? Let’s find out!

Do not be fooled, this is not to say they’re naive or reckless. In reality, “bunsos” are sometimes actually the cleverest of the pack, with the power of hindsight to see what works and what doesn’t. Your fresh new ideas is what keeps you changing and evolving as a person.

BLUE RASPBERRY: The Connoisseur
Whether it’s movies, books, music, food, video games, and the like, you know the very in’s-and-out’s of it. You’re always the go-to passenger seat DJ during road trips, and/or the person people ask, “What tv show should I watch?” “I trust your opinion. Was this book truly like the movie?” You’re passionate and devoted to your niche interests and people love you for it.

WILD CHERRY: The One with a Plan
If your go-to Gummi flavor is the Wild Cherry then we’re guessing you’re one of the people who have one favorite order in the menu and stick by it. You like being sure of what you’re getting into and getting its worth in the end. In truth, you like taking charge, and calling the shots to direct your life to where you want it to go.

GRAPE: The “Sawi” One
You’re one of the wisest and most empathetic people in your group. You always offer your time to listen to the people closest to you whilst offering advice, and quoting heartbroken lines every now and then. You wear your heart on your sleeve and feel things deeply, and that’s what makes you admirable.

STRAWBERRY: The Ingenue/Protagonist
You’re the protagonist in your own story; the leading person in the film that is your life. Naks cheesy. The “Ingenue” is the “wholesome, and innocent female character” in film. With an optimistic outlook on life, the Ingenue/Protagonist makes things in their life move, despite a hint of naivete. They may always seem to have conflicts being thrown their way, but their resilience speaks volumes about their character.

GREEN APPLE: The Mom Friend
Whatever age you may be, surprisingly, you seem older than your years. You are responsible and on top of your game. Your peers look to you for counsel and support. You’re maasikaso, warm, and a little bit of a nag, but that’s only because you love them. We all need a Mom friend in our lives to keep our heads above water.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT: The #Woke Warrior
You have your own set of beliefs and principles and your integrity is the most amazing thing about you. You know what is right and wrong for you, and you value your moral code above anything else. You’re not afraid to call people out when they’re wrong or hurting someone, and this is only a testament to how much you care for others. Keep at it, Pink Grapefruit, we need more people like you.

MANGO: The Lovable Eccentric
If we’re being honest, you don’t necessarily have the easiest time clicking with people from the get-go. Others may find you a little weird at the start either because of your limitless energy or your pop-culture references. Although you are actually a generous and kind sweetheart, and dealing with things such as rejection and disappointment is just another stepping stone for you in your growth.

ORANGE: The Life of the Party
What good is any party without the person who gives off all the good vibes? That’s you! You prefer to live in the now and you believe that sweating the small stuff is useless. Your energy is contagious and you make people feel included and welcome. You love the life of a community, and you might just be the very source of it. Others could say you’re a zest of life. (hehe get it?)

Thought a flavor like White Strawberry-Banana wouldn’t work on Gummi candy? Well, think again! It can combine different flavors to create something all the more satisfying, just like you. As the Jack-of-all-Trades, you never run out of things to surprise people with. You can shift from being a heartfelt poet to a driven track star, and anyone who knows you, know you won’t stop there.

PINEAPPLE: The Wallflower
You prefer to keep to yourself and being around too many people for too long drains the life out of you. You thrive in peaceful environments, and you learn better when you’re trying things out yourself. Admittedly, you may not speak out often, but when you do, there is always gravity to your words. You value individuality and creativity, because this is what makes you stand out.

LEMON: The “Sourpuss”
“Lemon” may seem like an intimidating flavor at first, but you might soon learn it’s one of the most interesting ones out there. Sound familiar? If you’re anything like this flavor, you may seem a little sour and hard to talk to on the outside, but actually full of flavor on the inside. People learn to love you for your authenticity and honesty.

Just as the list of Gummi bear flavors are ever growing, so are we! We do not all fit into these stereotypes, and that’s completely okay! It’s always more fun to mix and match Gummi bears anyway. Maybe you’re a mix of “Light Blue Watermelon” and “Pineapple”, or maybe you have yet to find your Gummi bear flavor at all. Try all of these delicious flavors with the Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears set and find your favorite bear!

Rest assured, we all have something to offer the world: a pop of color or a burst of flavor. More flavors to come, and they’re all from Albanese Candy, the World’s Best Gummies. Follow the Candy Corner PH Instagram page (@ilovecandycorner) to keep up to speed!