Sweet Ways to Beat the Heat

Whoever said that candy isn’t a good fit for summer? People usually carry chips and soft drinks to the beach, but here at Candy Corner and Nuts About Candy, we have our top sweets to beat the heat!

1. Mojito Gummy Bears

mojitojellySummer is back with a vengeance and it gets really hard to keep refreshed! With these Mojito Gummy Bears, you get that mojito taste in one of the candy classics!

These Gummies are packed with a minty lemon flavor that is as perfect as a fresh pick me up on a hot, sunny day!

Sweet Tip: Try this with any cocktail, and add a sweeter taste to your cool happy hour drinks!





2. Jelly Belly Champagne Beans



If you’re a fan of jelly beans, these Jelly Belly Champagne Beans are definitely a must-try. They’re not only chic accessories (because seriously, golden champagne colored beans) to carry around and use on your instagram flat-lays, they also have that bubbly flavor!

Sweet Tip: People usually post these jelly beans inside Champagne glasses for that instagram-worthy #feedgoals!




Now isn’t this beautiful?

3. Bob’s Sweet Stripes



If you’re missing the Christmas Breeze, then we’ve got Bob’s Sweet Stripes; all that cool Christmas Candy Cane flavor squeezed in these peppermint balls!

Sweet tip: Sweet stripes are perfect for your #tbt posts, or your #missingChristmas posts!



4. Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix




As children, we’ve always loved ice cream, whether it came from a tub or a pint, or it came in cones, it was always the best way to cool ourselves during summer. The Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix is the best, with flavors fresh from an ice cream truck, this is the perfect way to stay refreshed!



No need to chase the ice cream truck anymore!

5. Trident Gums


Want to keep your throat refreshed and cool on hot summer days? Trident gums is the gum that you can keep chewing! Stay refreshed with this easy-to-carry, perfect-for-conversations refresher!

Sweet Tip: Always carry this around just in case you see your crush and would want to talk to her!




6. Fini Marshmallow Fizz




The Fini Marshmallow Fizz is for all of those who want an alternative to roasted mallows, have that explosive soft fluff in your mouth anytime, anywhere.









Don’t let the heat get to you, beat it with these sweet treats from Candy Corner and Nuts About Candy!

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