1. Candy Corner will provide the Candy Buffet set-up through a combination of glass jars, bowls, and glasses as well as scoops and tongs. While this may look extremely attractive, we must include a refundable deposit in the package to safeguard our fragile set-up.
  2. Guests will be provided with one (1) candy jar each that they can fill as they visit the candy buffet. Our package starts at 100 pax and each additional guest over the initial 100 pax incurs an added P220 cost per person.
  3. Candy Corner will bring 20 kgs of a variety of regular and bulk candies and chocolates. We have a suggested line-up of candies and chocolates that include some of our best sellers, but this selection may be customized to your liking as long as it stays within the budget of P17,400. A catalogue will be given to you upon inquiry of the Candy Buffet from which we can discuss this further.
  4. Candy Corner will release 100 candy jars to guests from the Candy Buffet area. This scheme may be modified depending on your event needs. We will have 50 extra jars in stock but they will only be released upon approval of host/event organizer as this will incur additional cost of P50/jar.
  5. Ingress will be done three (3) hours before the event. Egress will be conducted thirty (30) minutes after the event or as stocks are depleted.
  6. The Candy Buffet will be open for a maximum of 6 hours. An overtime fee of P500 per additional hour will be implemented.
  7. Booked time must be the exact time of the event.

Terms: 50% down payment upon confirmation and 50% full payment 1 week before your event.

Our Candy Buffet package is highly customizable.

Feel free to contact gvyambao@candycorner.ph with the subject “Candy Buffet” or call 633-3075 (Local 104) so that we can work together to plan and perfect the candy buffet of your dreams!


10 Kilograms Regular Bulk Items – P8,500,00
10 Kilograms Premium Bulk Items – P11,500.00
100 Pieces Giveaway Jars – P5,000.00
1 Facilitator & Delivery – P2,600.00
Total Cost – P27,600.00
Refundable Deposit for Jars & Set-Up – P10,000.00
Total Amount to be Paid – P37,600.00

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