Halloween Treats



Top Candies that put the TREAT in Trick or Treat!

It’s almost October 31, and that only means one thing: H A L L O W E E N!!!

The only holiday when it’s OKAY to eat as much candy as you can! What’s even better is Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao have the top treats to make your Trick or TREAT!

  1. Halloween Pumpkin Bundle and Halloween Mini Pumpkin Bundle
    candy-product-bundles_halloween1 candy-product-bundles_halloween2

Looking for something you can use for both storing candy, and eating them? Look no more! The Halloween Pumpkin Bundle (and it’s smaller version, the mini pumpkin) is now available and ready for the 31st! The Halloween Pumpkin bucket also contains mini boxes of Nerds! Perfect for Trick or Treating, or even for party giveaways!


Purchase now online: Click here!


  1. Wonka Nerds Singles Trio Pack

The Wonka Nerds Singles Trio pack is perfect for everyone who grew up eating nerds! Containing different flavors of Nerd Boxes, you can either give them away, or put them in one big bowl and mix it all together to have a big burst of flavor!

Can’t get enough of Nerds? Click here to buy them!


  1. Bertie Botts Trio Pack

Harry Potter lovers are sure to enjoy the Bertie Botts Trio Pack! Perfect to add to those who might be thinking about wearing wizarding robes this Halloween!

These beans are not just for Wizards, it’s also great  for Muggles! Experience Hogwarts in your own homes this Halloween season!

No need to use a spell, just click here to as an owl will deliver it to your doorsteps!



  1. The Secret Life of Pets Big Baby Pop and Mega Mouth Bundle

The Secret Life of Pets craze is even stronger now with these Big Baby Pop and Mega Mouth Bundle! Relive the adventures of Max, Snowball, and Mel with these treats!

You can even use them as a complement to your Max / Snowball / Mel costumes! Can we hear a WOOF WOOF?

Enjoy the Secret Life Of Pets items by clicking here.


  1. Pernigotti Amor and Wafer Milk Chocolate (Buy 2 Take 1)

Chocolate and Wafer lovers, time to celebrate! The Pernigotti Amor and Wafer Milk Chocolates, at Buy 2 Take 1! It’s the right mix of delicious crunchy wafer covered in Italian chocolate.

Go and grab ‘em now at all Candy Corner & Nuts About Candy branches! Also available in all Cacao stores nationwide.


  1. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled 1 Spinner 3.5oz and 1 Flip Topcandy-product-bundles_bb-spinner-fliptop

Got Bean Boozled? For those staying in this Halloween, Bean Boozled is definitely the game to play in your house with your family and friends! Try out the different deceiving flavors which can either be a trick or a treat.

Don’t get lost, get bean boozled! Click here to order Bean Boozled online!


  1. Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Bundle

The Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Bundle is perfect for all of those jelly bean fanatics! Enjoy one bag of 20 assorted flavors peg bags for both Fruit Bowl, and Tropical Mix packs!


Munch on these jellybeans while you’re trick or treating, or even munch on them when you’re just at home! Yum!

Try all of the Jelly Belly jelly beans, order here now!


  1. Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry Giant Box

IT’S A GIANT BOX OF NERDS!!!! The Giant box of nerds contains 14 flip top boxes of Grape and Strawberry Nerds! You can give it to hungry trick or treaters, or keep them as your Halloween to Post Halloween Nerds supply!

Order one gigantic box now at Lazada!


  1. Pixy Stix Peg Bag

Everyone loves Pixy Stix! So this Halloween, treat yourself to mini Pixy Stix in our Pixy Stix Peg bag! The treat is not just in eating this powdery confection, but also in having more than one which you can share to your friends and family!

Shake shake the powdery confection now as you can purchase it at all Candy Corner & Nuts About Candy branches!


Are you excited for Trick or Treat? Well with these candies, we’re pretty sure you’d be! Happy Halloween everyone!