Fantastic Treats and Where to Find Them


Candies and Chocolates are the most fantastic treats in the world, whether Wizarding or not, but have you ever found that it’s never easy to find the delicious treats when you crave them the most? Fret no longer, #CandyCornerKid, Candy Corner is making it easier for you to track down these treats to satisfy your sweets cravings!

1. Sunmaid Milk Chocolate Raisins Theater Box


This Fantastic Treat is something we’ve all enjoyed as kids, only this time it’s covered in chocolates! These delicious treats are the perfect mix of nostalgic delicious snacks plus chocolatey goodness! Time to catch them!

SRP: ₱120.00

Available in all Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao Stores.

2.Swirl Pops


These treats are perfect for those who want to savour the taste of candy! Tornadoes of swirling candy colors and flavors for a stick. Perfect for walking around, watching movies, or literally anything you can imagine! You can even give them as freebies or gifts, or even giveaways in your parties!

SRP: 80 grams – ₱65.00; 45 grams – ₱35.00; 30 grams – ₱25.00; 12 grams – ₱10.00

Get them now in all Candy Corner and Nuts About Candy

3. Candies in Bulk!


Get your favorite candy corner fantastic treats online! From gummy bears, sour tapes, gummy worms, and everything in our huge collection of sweets! With Pasatreats, you can totally “Pasa” these treats to your friends or loved ones with a super cute sticker and message in a click of a button!


Check out what Pasatreats has more to offer here!

4. Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry Giant Box


Make yourself happy with these delicious violet treats! This treat, which is a combination of both sweet and sour is the right thing to munch on when your sweet tooth hits you. A box contains up to 14 46.7g flip top boxes. Perfect for sharing or gifting to your closest friends or even office-mates!

SRP: ₱900.00

Shop Online NOW!

5. Tuxedo Milk Chocolate Almonds


Almonds wrapped in delicious milk chocolate give these treats a unique kick to them! For almond lovers and milk chocolate lovers alike, this treat is a staple for all of those who love sweets!

SRP: ₱150.00

Available in all Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao Stores.

6. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jumbo Box


The treat that’s perfect for the barkada! This fantastic treat is a game that you can play with all of your friends, and will surely keep you entertained! With the risk of tasting a disgusting flavor, or the reward of such refreshing jelly bean flavors, this game never stops surprising you!

SRP: ₱2,000.00

Get a JUMBO Box now in Lazada!

7. Chuao Chocolates


With three electric flavors, this treat is the one to beat!

The Firecracker flavor that literally snacks, crackles, and pops in your mouth. (Sea salt with a dash of chipotle, and popping candy in dark chocolate!)

The Triple Nut Temptation flavor that has almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts! YUM!

The Baconluxious  flavor that mixes both sweet and savory (Maple sweetness, sprinkle of sea salt and crispy uncured bacon!)

SRP: The Triple Nut Temptation –  ₱399.75; 
The Firecracker & The Baconluxious – ₱299.75

Find these delicious treats in all Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao Stores.

8. Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Bundle


Jelly Bean lovers who don’t want to risk it with the bean boozled nor bertie bott’s not so delicious flavors can simply get their favorite flavors all in the Jelly Belly Assorted Flavors Bundle. Love Jelly Beans? This fantastic treat is for you!

SRP: ₱499.00

Available in Lazada!

9. Wonka Nerds Singles Trio Pack


Love nerds, but can’t finish a giant box? Get the singles trio pack. The best nerds comes in threes!

SRP: ₱130.00

Available now in Lazada

and all Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao Stores.

Last but not the least, whether muggle or Wizard, this is a universal favorite….

10.Bertie Botts Trio Pack


One for Harry, one for Ron and one for Hermione! The Bertie Botts Trio Pack is the Jelly Bean treat for all Harry Potter fans out there! These may contain some of the tastiest flavors like tutti frutti, to the grossest (Booger! Yuck!) You no longer need to find them, they’ll find you!

SRP: ₱459.00

Order a pack now  at Lazada!

So, did the list made you want to go to the nearest Honeydukes? Well, there’s no need to go running around the entirety of the Philippines (unlike a certain Wizard we know) to find these fantastic treats. Whether it’s the firecracking Chuao, Giant Nerds or even packs of Bertie Botts Every flaour beans, the candy magic will always be with you! You can just get them Online or in any Candy Corner, Cacao, and Nuts About Candy Stores nationwide!!!