Christmas is only a few days away and people are getting really pressured in finding the right gift. We understand that shopping gifts for all the people you know can prove to be a challenge, but we’ve got some sweet suggestions that can help you solve that problem!

1. Brown & Haley Sea Salt Caramel Roca

Make that special someone MORE special this holiday by giving them this Seasalt Caramel Roca! Trust us, the delicious taste of salty caramel flavored buttercrunch toffee is just too hard to resist… they’ll surely love this ..and you in an instant!

2. Ghirardelli Holiday Prestige Collection Gift Box

Want to give something premium and impressive to your boss? Or give that extra special sweetness to your parents? This Ghirardelli Holiday Prestige Collection gift will surely make them feel like VIP’s ! – what do you think ?

3. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Premium Chocolate Assortment

Here’s a treat that everyone can get their hands on! It’s perfect for sharing and we’re pretty sure your dozens of friends would be thrilled to try the different Ghirardelli flavors too.

4. Russell Stover Sugar Free Assorted Fine Chocolates

Who says chocolates are bad for the grandparents? Give them this Russell Stover Sugar Free Fine Chocolates and let them indulge the richness of chocolate without any worries or guilt! They will surely love you more in an instant!

5. Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Bag 

Your millennial siblings will definitely get a blast from the past with these nostalgic treats – so go give them this chance to reminisce with what they missed!

6. Pop Rocks

With it’s fun and delicious flavors, these classic treats are best for sharing with the kids!For sure,it’s going to be a blast in your mouth sparkling candy party!

7. Warheads Extreme Sour Candy 

Another ol’ favorite that’s meant for your ates and kuyas! This is also something you’d want to share with that sour head buddy of yours – check out if they can keep a straight face when they enjoy this treat!

8. Bean Boozled Spinner Tin

Playing with your food isn’t necessarily a good idea, but this treat is a clear exception! It’s perfect for sharing and can even be a source of entertainment – a sure bonding experience for friends, classmates, office mates – everyone!

9. Candy Canes

If we’re talking about Christmas candies, this has to make the list! Share it with your bae and let them know how much you’re HOOKED on them. 😉

10. Signature Sour Belts Collection

We’re pretty sure you share a whole lot of things with your BFF – especially each other’s secrets! Keep it ziplocked tight and SOUR to great heights with your friendship while enjoying to these treats!

11. Wonka Nerds 

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t always have to be limited to just one huge present. Some kids would prefer quantity and easy-to-enjoy treats such as this one! They’ll surely have a huge smile on their faces whenever you treat them with this tangy treats this Christmas!

12. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Winter Mint

For your more senior colleagues or teachers, this seriously good treat might be perfect for them! It gives off that serious vibe with it’s dark chocolate flavor, but it’s mint flavor gives them a cool sensation that’s very refreshing – a testament to the fact that they can be serious and dependable, but still cool!

13. Rainbow Mini Bins Collection

We all know that organized co-worker/classmate always trying to keep everything tidy! Give them this perfect treat that keeps on giving because they get to arrange it and refill it the way they want it! They’ll surely enjoy munching on our candy favorites including: Wonka Rainbow Nerds, Wonka Runts and Milk Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds.

14. Jelly Belly Jewel Mix

Still saving up enough money for that fancy jewelry your mom or that special someone has been eyeing on? It might take a while to get your hands on that. In the meantime, get them this jewelry alternative that they can appreciate!

15. Ghirardelli 60% Dark Cacao Squares

Fathers tend to look for deals that will be appealing to them. Catch their attention with this swell treat that’s sure to win a least 100% of their sincere gratitude!

There are a whole lot of other sweet treats you can get, but at the end of the day you know your friends or family better and know what candy or chocolate they want. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to giving gifts – that just means you should start being thoughtful and get started with your shopping here with us now, #CandyCornerKid!

All of the products listed above are available in all of our branches nationwide! Too tired to go to the mall? Shop online and have your Holiday gifts delivered to your doorsteps and have it Gift wrapped as well!

Happy Holidays and enjoy your sweet gift shopping!