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  • Christmas is forever! What better way to feel the Christmas spirit all over again than with FROSTY NERDS! ❄️❄️❄️ (📷 by #CandyCornerKid @10012039)
  • NEW at Candy Corner! Get your fill of yummy, healthy snacks from Next By Nature! These pieces of dried fruit are organic and all-natural, and coated in a generous layer of dark chocolate. A great brain and energy booster! 👊 Try it today!
  • Around 300g of gummies? YES PLEASE!!! 😛😛😛 (📷 by #CandyCornerKid @jakelizarondo)
  • Baby showers made sweeter 💕 I spy our Russell Stover It's a Girl! chocolate bars 👶 (📷 by #CandyCornerKid @mmbaybay) #RussellStoverPH
  • We say NO to puny, dry, yucky raisins! We LOVE our raisins when they're big, juicy, and coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate! YUMMY! We love you, Jelly Belly Jumbo Raisins! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Calling all you licorice lovers! This is the perfect treat for you! Jelly Belly's Licorice Bridge Mix is a delightful selection of yummy licorice candies! Pick up a bag today and start your week on a sweet note!
  • Go big or go home! 🙌
  • TGIF, baby! 🎉😜🍬 (📷 by #CandyCornerKid @monmonlipio)
  • Yummy gummy wormy! 😋
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