Snack Tray : Dark Chocolate Favorites 300g

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Enjoy this delightful sampler set of dark chocolates! It sounds like a fantastic assortment that caters to a variety of tastes. Dark chocolate has a rich and intense flavor that pairs wonderfully with almonds, raisins, and espresso beans, creating a diverse and appealing combination.

Whether savoring the indulgence yourself or sharing it with others, this sampler set offers a blend of flavors and textures that’s sure to satisfy any dark chocolate lover’s cravings. Enjoy every bite! 🍫

Includes the following flavor:

  • Dark Chocolate 52% Almonds
  • Dark Chocolate 52% Espresso Beans
  • Dark Chocolate Maltballs 52%

For your convenience, Candy Corner re-packaged this item from a larger master pack into this smaller sized bag in a sanitized facility, following proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Therefore, the item does not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging. If you would like to see the manufacturer labels, kindly send us an email or leave a note with your order so that we may provide it

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