Violet Crumble Bundle (4pcs-50g+Cubes+Nuggets)


The ultimate VIOLET CRUMBLE bundle!!! Get 2pcs Violet Crumble Original 50g bar, 2pcs Violet Crumble Dark 50g bar, 1pc Violet Crumble Nuggets 135g, 1pc Violet Crumble Cubes 170g

Violet Crumble Gluten Free Chocolate Bar is a unique crumbly, crunchy honeycomb bar covered by two layers of creamy chocolate. A whopping 50g bar to share with your friends or not! Australia first chocolate bar has been loved for over 100 years. This is the original flavor of Violet Crumble milk chocolate covering a chunk of crunchy honeycomb and now with a DARK chocolate twist too!

Violet Crumble smothers delicious chunks of honeycomb in a double layer of smooth milk chocolate in Violet Crumble NUGGETS. Now available in bite-sized chunks in this resealable pouch, it perfect for sharing although you may not want to!

Violet Crumble CUBES features delicious bite sized chunks of Violet Crumble are now available in 170g bags. The new Bites pack is filled with the same delicious choccy-covered honeycomb that you know and love from the full-sized bars.

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