Toll House Baking Bundle 1


Use these Toll House Mini Morsel combined with Toll House Cocoa as a sweet addition to chocolate cookies, brownies, and pancakes! Save a lot on this baking bundle and take your baked desserts to the next level of chocolate intensity! Now priced at Php 490 from the original combined price of Php 699.50, save 30% and get the sweet treat that you and your family deserve!
Toll House baking series is a great addition to perfect your baking needs that are made 100% real chocolate. And when we say real chocolate, it’s not some compound artificial cocoa powders, sweeteners, and colorants that you typically see—coz’ these will definitely melt in your mouth!

This baking bundle is composed of:
1 pc Toll House Cocoa 8oz/226g
1 pc Toll House Semi Sweet Mini Morsel 10oz/283g

Expiry dates
September 30, 2022 for both
Toll House Cocoa 8oz/226g
Toll House Semi Sweet Mini Morsel 10oz/283g

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