Snack Box : Fresh Treats


Candy Corner Fresh Treats Snack Box is a collection of newly introduced snacks and treats. It will surely delight if you are looking for something new and exciting to try.

  • Sarriegui Potato Chips Black Truffle Flavor 125g
  • Konu Dessert Cone Snacks Cookies N Cream 115g
  • Ocean Bomb Bubble Milk Tea Brown Sugar 315ml
  • OmyPop Popcorn Golden Caramel 70g
  • Kamote Krisps Barbeque 150g
  • Violet Crumble Nuggets 135g
  • Violet Crumble Cubes 170g
  • Albanese Sour 12 flavor Mini Gummy Worms 100g
  • Albanese 12 Flavors Gummy Bears 100g

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