Sarriegui Potato Chips Salted Flavor 125g



Sarriegui Gourmet Salted Potato chips are Crispy and light artisan Spanish potato crisps. The only ingredients are high-quality potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Try them and combine them as Tapas food with Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil, Mussels Escabeche or Cockles in Brine (Berberechos).

About Sarriegui:

Sarriegui is a family business from the Basque Country (San Sebastian – North of Spain) specialized in producing gourmet crisps since 1990. Their production is made in a traditional way, using top quality extra virgin olive oil, with raw potatoes and free of preservatives and gluten.

Sarriegui has been awarded since 2012 with numerous gold stars in the prestigious Great Taste Awards (UK), the world emblem of quality in the food industry.

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