Original Gourmet Lollipops 31g x 12pcs


Original Gourmet Lollipops are the largest gourmet pops sold, with bold taste and bright colors; they really stand out from all the rest. Weighing in at 1.1 oz. these Gourmet lollipops are a peanut free delight that has a plastic stick and will not get soggy like other lollipops often do. We also pride ourselves on the wide variety of flavors we offer because they are a great treat for everyone in the family.

As lollipop makers, we challenge you to try each of our world best novelty lollipop flavors, 24 in all. Our story started with a recipe and a vision. The curiosity for making special blends of flavors and colors of candy became a passion for providing people with bold tasting lollipops that are made with the highest quality and finest ingredients

***Your package will have assorted flavors but we cannot guarantee what they are as they are chosen at random. Each bag of 60 (the master pack size) includes 15 cotton candy, 7 wild cherry, 7 bubble gum, 5 strawberry banana, 4 watermelon, 4 blue raspberry, 3 candy apple, 2 banana split, 3 orange splash, 3 juicy grape, 3 pomegranate raspberry, 2 pina colada and 2 pink lemonade.

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