Open in Case of Emergency – Milk Maltballs


Create your own Candy Corner at home with our CANDY JARS! These mega-sized jars can fit up to 1 kilogram of candy for all your snack-mergencies all day everyday!

This jar comes with 755 grams of Milk chocolate covered maltballs and a vinyl sticker “Open in case of emergency”. Crunchy, sweet malt centers covered in rich milk chocolate with. It the best maltball we’ve ever had almost equal parts chocolate and maltball! Who does thatü!ü We do!

*For your convenience, Candy Corner re-packaged this item from a larger master pack into this smaller sized bag in a sanitized facility, following proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Therefore, the item does not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging. If you would like to see the manufacturer labels, kindly send us an email or leave a note with your order so that we may provide it

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