New Arrivals Sampler Set


Are you ready to taste the newest craze in town? Be one to first try it!!!

  • 110g Delicious wicked watermelon taste, a splendidly sour fizzy coating snack. Comes in a whole tub. Perfect for building your stock at home, for party centerpieces, for candy buffets, for repacking into giveaways.
  • 6pcs Watermelon bubblegum are fizzy bubble gum ball with real-like seeds.
  • 110g triple hearts gummy candy! Each piece starts with a wide, flat heart shape. A second, smaller heart is layered on top with a third at the center.
  • 100g chocolate covered gummy bears. Encased in milk chocolate, the fruity flavored gummy bears combine two mouthwatering treats in one – a gummy surprise under a sweet layer of chocolate!

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