Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chips 600g


Callebaut milk chocolate chips

Belgian high quality, milk chocolate chips (callets) by Barry Callebaut. Callebaut have created this chocolate couverture for easy melting and a wide range of chocolate use from moulding & enrobing to melting and baking.

  • If you’re looking for an iconic milk chocolate preferred by chefs worldwide, Recipe N° 823 is the way to go. Think a deep, warm colour, smooth cocoa body and sweet, caramelly notes to top it all off.
  • This well-loved chocolate has a full-bodied taste and great workability. Pair it with a wide range of powerful spicy, fruity, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. Its all-round fluidity makes it efficient in any application.
  • These milk chocolate chips are perfect for; chocolate fountains, cakes, desserts, baking, decoration, chocolate fondues, making chocolates, enrobing and mould making.
  • For your convenience, Candy Corner re-packaged this item from a larger 25kg Callebaut milk chocolate couverture into this 500g bag in a sanitized facility. Therefore, the item does not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging.
  • This product was sourced locally from a Barry Callebaut distributor.


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