Brown & Haley Roca Thins Milk Chocolate 150g


Brown & Haley’s Roca® Thins are made from ultra-premium chocolate with chunks of ROCA® Buttercrunch Toffee that is transformed into these amazing chip-like feature that is coated with milk chocolate or dark chocolate for added flavor in every bite, sealed in an airtight aluminum-lined resealable pouch for guaranteed freshness.

Make everyday snacking an amazing chocolate experience that can be shared, given as a gift or kept for yourself. Snack – Smile – Reseal – Repeat!

Imported from America.

**Disclaimer: This item is made of quality chocolate, making it susceptible to melting. We will be making use of alternative means of delivery as opposed to a courier service to ensure that this product arrives in the best quality. Please prepare for a longer lead time for delivery. We will be in touch with you for further details upon placement of your order.

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