Black Vines Licorice Twists 1kg


  • This Black Vines Product includes 1kg of Black Licorice
  • Made with artisanal techniques, these kosher-certified twists are fat free and contain no preservatives
  • Delight in the classic goodness of these soft and chewy black licorice twists in a portable and shareable Jar
  • Great for office desks and kitchen counters alike, set out a jar for all to experience this satisfying snack
  • Imported from America.
  • Fresh product
  • 100% legit

For your convenience, Candy Corner re-packaged this item from a larger master pack into this smaller sized bag in a sanitized facility, following proper sanitation and hygiene practices. Therefore, the item does not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging. If you would like to see the manufacturer labels, kindly send us an email or leave a note with your order so that we may provide it

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