This Christmas, don’t just give your heart, give your loved ones the sweetest treats! With these 12 sweets for 12 days, you can give everyone you love something to be thankful for!


Candies and Chocolates are the most fantastic treats in the world, whether Wizarding or not, but have you ever found that it's never easy to find the delicious treats when you crave them the most? Fret no longer, #CandyCornerKid, Candy Corner is making it easier for you to track down these treats to satisfy your sweets cravings!


Top Candies that put the TREAT in Trick or Treat!

It’s almost October 31, and that only means one thing: H A L L O W E E N!!! The only holiday when it’s OKAY to eat as much candy as you can! What’s even better is Candy Corner, Nuts About Candy, and Cacao have the top treats to make your Trick or TREAT!

Muffins without baking, smores minus the mess, and café mocha without the brewing? Enjoy your favorite sweets with just a few pops of jelly beans thanks to Jelly Belly’s true-to-life flavors! It’s simple- chew the jelly bean flavors together and you’ll experience a delicious new...

Whoever said that candy isn’t a good fit for summer? People usually carry chips and soft drinks to the beach, but here at Candy Corner and Nuts About Candy, we have our top sweets to beat the heat! 1. Mojito Gummy Bears Summer is back with a...

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